Books In Print

Devil’s Lake is available for purchase June 2020 from Tolsun Books.

The Ghost Assembly Line available for purchase from Finishing Line Press.  

 Poems in Print


"Migrainer” in The Southampton Review, 2019.

”Blue Dog Blue Dog” anthologized in New American press, “New Poetry From the Midwest,” 2019.

In Circulation

"On My Back" & "Nature Poem" in WSQ: Protest Issue, 2019.

"On the Occasion of Receiving a Homophobic Letter: A Series of Erasures Part II & III" in Foglifter Journal, 2019.  

"Stone (Butch)" & "Manitou Beach" in The Antigonish Review, 2018.

"People I Love Tell Me to Hurry and Get Married" in No, Dear Issue #20 with editor T'ai Freedom Ford, 2017.

"Rothko's Boy With Red Backpack" in Palimpsest: Yale Literary & Art Magazine, 2016. 

"Who I Love" & "Hydrogen" in Oleander Review, 2016. 

"Hydrogen" was featured on NPR's hit show Radio Lab in collaboration with Emotive Fruition, 2015. Click to listen. 

"60 Year Slide” in Atlas Review, 2015.

“Tanager Street” in Poetry Ireland Review, 2015. 


Poems Online

In Circulation

”Interior vs. Exterior” in SWWIM, 2019.

"The News" Indolent Books What Rough Beasts, 2017. 

"Woman" Tinderbox Poetry Journal, 2017. 

"Attendance," "Hamburger,"  & "No One Ever Asked Me If I Liked Being Called Pluto" in San Diego Reader, 2017. 

"No One Ever Asked Me If I Liked Being Called Pluto" in Impakter, 2016. 

"Indigo" in 7x7LA, 2016. 

"Street Name Unknown" in Wreck Park Journal, 2016.

"Blue Dog Blue Dog" and "Epigrams for Dorothy" in The Stockholm Review of Literature, 2016. 

"Infinite Fish" & "Cadmium" in The Mackinac, 2015. 

"Thanksgiving Break 2009" in Cactus Heart Press, 2015. 

"Cellos For Trees" in Lambda Literary Spotlight, 2015.

"Untraceable" & "Poem After Man" in Vending Machine Press, 2015. 

"Horticulture" in First Class Literary Magazine, 2015. 

"The Dime Store" in JB Records Blog, 2015.

“Before Much Ado About Nothing” in Leveler, 2015.

"Twin Moons" in Bodega Magazine, 2014. 

"Harlem River Anthem" in Winning Writers, 2012. 

Prose Online

“Love is Something We inherit: Yanyi interviewed by Sarah Sala” in BOMB Magazine, 2019.

“Through Our Vulnerabilities: Aldrin Valdez Interviewed by Sarah Sala” in BOMB Magazine, 2018.

"Language, Place, and the Remarkable In-Between: An Interview With Laura Esther Wolfson" Michigan Quarterly Review, 2018.

"Office Hours Writing Workshop: Poetry As Political Act" in Poets & Writers Blog, 2018.

"A Fixed, Formal Arrangement" in New Pages, 2008.

"Ravel" in New Pages, 2008.